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Call Name:    Kya
AKC#:           WR06590402
Birthdate:      05/06/02
OFA:             Good - AM-11697G34F-NOPI
Chd:              13079
Cerf:              Clear - AM-2403 
Thyroid:         Normal - 3/2009
CHIC #:         75145
Owned by:     Lisa Panelli and Chris Burke


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Kya was my first show dog. We started a little late; She was over 3 the first time we went to a dog show, but I found that she LOVED showing. She started out being shown by a handler, Chris Burke. Chris quickly became one of my best friends in dogs and he has taught me much.  He tried to teach me how to show a dog, but Kya finished her Championship so quickly, I hardly had time to learn. She got a 3 point Major her first weekend in the ring with Chris. We didn't show often, and a few months later, she got a 4 point Major the second time I ever showed her myself. 

Kya is a great foundation bitch and has produced very nicely for us. Her daughter Missy is proving to be something pretty special herself.
We think they are both pretty great!


Fussy shots:
Kya Chief Solano.jpg (106959 bytes) Kya Coyote hills.jpg (82767 bytes) Kya_4_pt_major.jpg (18238 bytes)
Fun shots:
kya 5.75 yrs.jpg (76915 bytes)
a dirty kya.jpg (107045 bytes) kya woooo.jpg (82128 bytes) kya 5.5weeks.jpg (97434 bytes)

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